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Buy with Confidence

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Welcome to North Point Home Inspections!

What you can expect after booking your home inspection with me.

I will always have your best interest in mind. It is important to me that you feel comfortable and confident in the home you are choosing. Whether it be your first home, your forever home, your investment home or even a project home.

First things first, I will invite you to attend the home inspection. This gives you an opportunity to ask any lingering questions as well as spend some time in the home. This also allows me to show you all my findings and explain visually how things work or don't work.

You can expect the inspection to take about 3 hours, pending weather and how the seller has prepared their home for the inspection. I will bring all my own instruments, equipment and tools in order to thoroughly inspect the entire home and property.

If I happened to find anything that could require further investigation by a qualified contractor we can make a game plan together. I have created a trusted list of vendors over the years for when these circumstances arise to ease the stress from you.

You will have your full detailed inspection report emailed to you the same day. I will always be available for you with any questions or clarifications following this.

Russ Epp
Cell #  780-402-1700
Alberta-Licensed Home Inspector # 353585

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